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mulberryrose- Rose Water Room and Linen Spray
mulberryrose- Rose Water Room and Linen Spray
mylittlecrystal - Rose Water Room and Linen Spray

Rose Water Room and Antibacterial Spray

$ 14.00

It is said that the smell of Roses has been linked to uplifting moods, soothing anxiety and depression symptoms, balancing hormones, lowering blood pressure, relieving headaches, slowing the rate of breath and generally creating a sense of happiness and harmony. According to Dr. Axe...

  • Rose water is a natural skin and hair solution 
  • Benefits are due to its antibacterial, astringent, hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties. It can help to hydrate, soothe, clean and protect skin as well as reduce redness, acne, inflammation, rosacea, ulcers and razor burn.
  • Rose water is also cleansing and hydrating for your hair, can help clean your mouth, protects against infections and can be used as a natural perfume.

Made with Organic rose petals and water. 

4 oz glass spray bottle