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Thank you so much for visiting Mulberry Rose! Below you will find a list of FAQ however if you have a question that is not answered here, please contact us! 

Most items in our store are made by hand to order just for you, unless otherwise stated in the product description.  We use a mix of Swarovski Crystal and natural gemstones for our custom crystal accessories.

Here is a list of some of the common questions we have received over the years... 

How long does it take to ship my custom order?

All of our items are crafted by hand with each and every stone being applied one at a time.  When you order a custom phone case, we ask for 7 to 10 business days to complete the project before shipment.  Custom products and larger items like handbags, and wallets may take a little longer and will be communicated via email once your order is received.

**If you’re in a rush, let us know and we will see what we can do to accommodate you.  

For any NON custom products in our store, all items will ship out in 1-3 days and you will receive a tracking notification in your email when its on the way.

I love the designs in your gallery, but can I order something different?

We love working with our customers to come up with new designs and personalized products.  Since each piece is made by hand, we can do a lot together to come up with a something that is absolutely perfect for you.  

Love a design but want it in blue instead of pink?  Want to personalize something with your name, logo or initials?  Or maybe there’s something you just haven’t seen yet that you’d like us to crystallize for you?  Our design team is more than happy to give you the individual attention that you deserve. Just reach out and we are happy to create new product designs with you. 

How do I send you a custom design idea?

If you are set on the product and want a new custom design, you may place your order through our site to claim your priority spot on our project calendar. After we receive your order, we will contact you to start the order process. Together we will work to create a piece of art all your own.

For new items not in our store, if you have a picture or design inspiration that you would like to send us, please email it as an attachment to and we will get back to you to review your project and give you a price estimate. 

Will the crystals stay on?

YES!  However, you want to treat it like it’s jewelry!  Be careful not to drop it or let it scrape up against anything.  If you happen to lose some crystal, we can repair it for you without charge.  We also include some extra crystals with your order, just in case!  However, there is a fee if you happen to drop or break your case or if we can see that the crystals were scraped off on purpose :) (yes, this has happened and it's lame to have to state it but here it is)   

What kind of guarantee is there on the custom work you do?

We stand behind all of our work, 100%.  If something needs to be repaired, we can fix it.  For all custom items that are made to order, our products are not returnable or refundable.  However, if there is a part of the design that you are not satisfied with, we will be happy to fix your item so that you are in love with it!

We are not happy if you're not happy, it's that simple. Customer service is our main priority! 

How do I choose which product I need for my style phone?

If you do not see an option for your device, just let us know the specific model of your phone when you place your order and we will confirm the case with you before creating your item.  

Are the phones or Chanel Bags included with the order?

No, we are offering the crystallization service only, unless specified otherwise.

Do you take international orders?

Yes.  Please feel free to place your order through the website, or give us a call and we can take it over the phone.  Shipping time is usually around 2 to 4 days for international locations. Once you put your address into the order system, the shipping prices will be calculated for you.



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