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How to deal with the loss of a loved one with Pennies from Heaven

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Ever find random pennies laying around? Ever find them in the weirdest place at the weirdest moment? I do, all the time and right when I need them actually. 

Some people say those pennies are being left there for you by a loved one who has passed on, or by your guardian angels as a sign you're being watched over and you're on the right path.  Others say they're a sign of good luck, while some people would say "it's just a penny, who cares".  Whatever you believe is up to you, however I have come to know they are left for me by my father.  He's been gone for 9 years now and I promise you it still feels like it was just yesterday. Finding his pennies helps me with the loss, and its just that simple.  

The thing is...I chose to believe they were from him, and its that choice that will help you deal with the loss.  When you choose to believe, those pennies will start to show up in the strangest places. Losing someone you love isn't an easy thing to understand or get over,  so if choosing to believe that you're being sent pennies from heaven helps you deal with it then so be it.  Keep them all together in a bottle and I'm telling you... at your lowest moments you'll see all of those pennies and remember you still have some sort of contact with that person. You'll remember all of the weird places you found each penny and I promise you that will eventually help you get through the sadness.  

I created the Guardian Angel Wing in a bottle to store my pennies and have made them available for you to use as well. In fact, I would actually be honored to make one for you knowing that it will help you through some rough times.  The wings are hand made with Swarovski Crystal and can be customized if you'd like to put your name on the back or someone's name you'd like to honor and connect with. 

I'll even ask my Dad to tell your loved one that you're on the lookout now for their Pennies from Heaven. :)