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Mulberry Rose Blog

"Hold my little crystal and you're holding my hand"

A friend told me a story one time… 

“One night I was visited by the prettiest little fairy. She told me her name was Rose and she had been watching over me since I was a little girl. She had with her a beautiful crystal with the most brilliant shine. The sparkle made me happy just to look at it! Rose said she was here to give me her little crystal and promised it would help me find the joy I had been looking for.
She said “I am always with you helping you navigate through your world, keep my little crystal with you at all times and when you need help, look at its shine and remember I’m with you”.

Rose told me that she is always ready to help but sometimes isn't sure if I want her help and that the more positive I keep my thoughts, the more she can pull off for me. When I'm feeling uncertain or sad, I can ask her for help and talk to her in my mind and it will help me feel better.  All of this sounded so amazing but I couldn’t help but wonder why she decided to show herself to me if she has been with me all of this time. I mean, why now and why me?


“Honey, you know how you see those repeating numbers all the time? It’s no coincidence that you've looked at the clock every day at 3:33, or at 4:44, I made you look! I’ve been giving you signs that I’m with you your whole life, but you weren’t paying attention to me. So here I am... I need you to pay attention to me if you want me to help you!”

Rose knew that I liked making any type of craft, and asked that I make ways to carry her crystals so I can have them remind me of her at all times.  She said “Don’t worry, I’ve been leaving you crystals your whole life and will be back with more for you to share with the world.  Before she left, Rose told me one last thing…  

"I want you to know that you are protected and safe, I will be with you and anyone else who carries my crystals. Time and distance do not matter in my world; I can be in many places at one time. So just hold my little crystal, and remember you're also holding my hand”


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How to deal with the loss of a loved one with Pennies from Heaven

Ever find random pennies laying around? Ever find them in the weirdest place at the weirdest moment? I do, all the time and right when I need them actually. 

Some people say those pennies are being left there for you by a loved one who has passed on, or by your guardian angels as a sign you're being watched over and you're on the right path.  Others say they're a sign of good luck, while some people would say "it's just a penny, who cares".  Whatever you believe is up to you, however I have come to know they are left for me by my father.  He's been gone for 9 years now and I promise you it still feels like it was just yesterday. Finding his pennies helps me with the loss, and its just that simple.  

The thing is...I chose to believe they were from him, and its that choice that will help you deal with the loss.  When you choose to believe, those pennies will start to show up in the strangest places. Losing someone you love isn't an easy thing to understand or get over,  so if choosing to believe that you're being sent pennies from heaven helps you deal with it then so be it.  Keep them all together in a bottle and I'm telling you... at your lowest moments you'll see all of those pennies and remember you still have some sort of contact with that person. You'll remember all of the weird places you found each penny and I promise you that will eventually help you get through the sadness.  




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What crystal do I need?

What crystal do I need?
The chart below will show you the crystals aligned with what you're searching for currently. Click the image to create your own little crystal gem filled with the crystals you need! :) 
Crystal healing
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Gem Infused Water

Gem-Water’s collection of products offers a unique and beautiful way to stay hydrated. The line is masterfully crafted and engineered to enhance everyday tap or filtered water using the energy of gemstones encased in elegant glass vessels for on-the-go, tabletop, and single-serve use. Each transforms the texture and mouthfeel of everyday drinking water by restoring its crystalline structure, bringing it's quality to levels comparable to pure spring water. The products are not only works of art, they help facilitate the health benefits of improved hydration for our bodies, and positively impact our environment by reducing dependence on plastic water bottles.


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Save the Children Donations with every My Little Crystal Wish Bracelet.

For every My Little Crystal Wish bracelet sent out into the world, we donate $5.00 to the Save the Children organization.  

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Negative Energy Protection

With all that is going on in the world today, and all of the negative energy that swirls around us constantly... I haven't left the house without this little crystal bracelet on. 

Made with faceted Black Tourmaline beads and Swarovski crystal, it looks pretty while it keeps you clear of negative energy.  Keep reading to see how Black Tourmaline can help you...  

As with all crystal items, once a month you'll want to set your bracelet on your window sill overnight to help keep the energy in your beads clear. Continue reading